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Flat Tags

Flat Tags

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Price shown is based on: • 1" sq. size • 1-24 pieces • No options • Standard colors (red, white, blue, black)


Flat Tags can be used for:

  • Machine legend plates
  • Signs
  • Labels
  • Nametags and badges
  • and more!

What's included

  • Quality-checked tags
  • Accesories (applied adhesive, magnetic backing, etc.)
  • Packing Slip with tracking, order and customer numbers

How they're made

Each of our Flat Tags are individually custom cut from quality sheet stock using an industrial laser machine. Each piece is cut, cleaned and inspected before being shipped to your door!

Size Ranges

  • Width
  • 0.25"-24"
  • Height
  • 0.25"-16"

Available Materials

  • 1/16" Acrylic
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